I won’t let another photographer through the door.
Actor Fay Ripley, talking to reveal magazine.

“Sandi does a wonderful job of putting you at ease in front of the camera – and it shows in the finished results!”
James Coomarasamy, Presenter of Newshour, BBC World Service Radio and BBC World News TV

Outstanding photographer who gets the right shots each time. Puts everyone at easy; a joy to work with.
Annie Reid, Co Editor, Angles and Urchins

Not only is she technically first rate, she also has the (extremely rare) ability to make children relax and enjoy themselves. The results speak for themselves: natural, direct shots full of wow factor.
Emily Turner, Co Editor, Angels and Urchins

“Sandi was a life saver on the day. We found ourselves running really behind schedule because of the massive snow fall that day – as mother of the bride, my real treat was to have stayed behind and see Johanna put on her wedding dress. There was no time for that. Sandi stepped in with all the warmth and laughter she brings to such a special day and got her dressed and then took some absolutely amazing photos in the garden of Johanna in the snow in her hunter wellies. A photo we will never forget!”
Roma Hooper Mother of the bride.

By Just watching sandi work at a wedding, it is clear to see her professional experience, intuition and friendly personality ensures she fits in with ease and is able to capture and create discreetly, stunning images, that are as meaningful as they are beautiful.
Sue Tibbs, Wedding Client

Working with Sandi was a pleasure from start to finish.
Her creativity and style turned our wedding photos into so much more than a record of the day. She captured some very special moments and made sure all the details we had worked on were caught on camera, in a very artistic and imaginative way.
Throughout the day, Sandi made sure we were having a good time, was unobtrusive and unflappable, while dealing with large numbers of friends and family.
The album and all her ideas for the presentation of the photos, tailored to the style of our house, are truly beautiful and those who have seen them all agree that she has taken the best wedding photos that they have ever seen.

Your photos were even more amazing than I had dared hope and they are going to be the very best memory of our wedding that we could possibly have. You captured our emotions and our happiness and made them beautiful. Thanks you so much, more than words can say.
Charlotte Graham Wedding client

Sandi is incredibly calm and sensitive and blessed with style and a great sense of humour. She has a very natural way of putting people at ease who are not used to being photographed professionally and achieves order without ever throwing her weight about.
She impressed my husband and me hugely with her working style at our wedding – everything happened invisibly, she didn’t need to raise her voice to get people to line up for group shots, nor did she interrupt guests at the reception so that she could get her photos. She worked around everyone, she worked out who needed to be photographed and she captured them in a wonderful way – usually with them being unaware.
Amber Edwards wedding client

Sandi is the perfect mix of :

  • professionalism – she has an amazing eye for detail that comes from detailed background research and excellent preparation;
  • artistic ability – her photographs are not just records of moments, they are art and have huge impact
  • creative presentation – she knows that there is not just one way of showing her work and that each client has their own style so she tailors the end results and offers so many different and original ways to display her photographs

On top of all this she is just a really fantastic person and I am delighted we have stayed in touch.